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  • Vindicator - The Antique Witcheries
  • Vindicator

    The Antique Witcheries

    By Steven Inglis | 04 March, 2011

    New school thrash metal with a hint of intelligence

    I'll be the one of the few people to admit that I didn't buy into the modern-day resurrection of thrash metal. I respect the fact that thrash metal was revolutionary throughout the 80...

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  • Ophis - Withering Shades
  • Ophis

    Withering Shades

    By Steven Inglis | 01 March, 2011

    The true definition of doom metal

    Ophis, meaning 'snake' in Greek, is a four-piece band that hails from Hamburg in Germany, which is as good a place as any for a doom metal band to form, given it's often bleak history dating back to pr...

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  • Your Demise - The Kids We Used To Be
  • Your Demise

    The Kids We Used To Be

    By Steven Inglis | 01 March, 2011

    Alexisonfire imitations are bound to win over some fans

    The band name 'Your Demise' will deceive you into thinking that this band is a doom metal band, but instead they couldn't be further from it. At first listen it was easy to disreg...

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  • Opia - Emotion Evolution
  • Opia

    Emotion Evolution

    By Steven Inglis | 29 September, 2010

    You’d be surprised it’s not Cog!

    Australia's holy trio of post rock bands, Karnivool, Cog and The Butterfly Effect, have hardly been discreet in their rise to fame in Australian and international music scenes. With this att...

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