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  • BerserkerfoX - King Kong on Crack
  • BerserkerfoX

    King Kong on Crack

    By Natalie Perez | 06 November, 2009

    Let the crackling rapture unleash itself

    BerserkerfoX's "King Kong on Crack" delivers three brutal tracks, "Flag of Blood", "Self Professed Kings" and "Veritas", each of which is surely more overwhelming than the last.

    When &ldq...

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  • Eureka - Shackleton's Voyage
  • Eureka

    Shackleton's Voyage

    By Natalie Perez | 20 September, 2009

    A relaxing motive has arrived.....

    Shackleton's Voyage is the fourth album by progressive folk rock artist Eureka a side project by Frank Bossert in 1997. Bossert has been the main singer/guitarist/bassist in a number of Hamburg rock b...

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  • Operation Downfall - Virulent
  • Operation Downfall


    By Natalie Perez | 28 August, 2009

    Will you come along for the ride?

    Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, beeps the heart monitor as you're laying on your back staring at the ceiling of a room decked all in white, tubes running in and out of you as you try to move but find yourself ...

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