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  • Amon Amarth - Jomsviking
  • Amon Amarth


    By Peter Zischke | 25 March, 2016

    There are some bands which are synonymous with a particular genre of music.  In the case of what could be called “Viking Metal” - a combination of melodic death metal focussed largely on tales of Norse war, warriors and Gods - Swe...

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  • Ranger - Where Evil Dwells
  • Ranger

    Where Evil Dwells

    By Peter Zischke | 13 April, 2015

    Strap in and get ready for a full-on thrash/speed metal attack.

    Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Ranger has been on the scene since 2009, having released a number of demos and EP’s, including 2013’s relatively longer EP ...

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  • Ashes in Vein - Ashes in Vein
  • Ashes in Vein

    Ashes in Vein

    By Peter Zischke | 24 March, 2015

    Some decent moments, but generally lacking cohesion and direction

    Five-piece melodic metallers, Ashes in Vein, formed in 2008 and hail from Junction City, Kansas, USA. Through the lifetime of the band, there have been some periodic...

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  • Scott Ian - Swearing Words
  • Scott Ian

    Swearing Words

    By Peter Zischke | 06 December, 2014

    Just another night at the pub with a legend of heavy metal

    Scott Ian – the man needs no introduction. But I’m going to do it anyway…

    Scott will be known by even the most fleeting of metal fans as the New Y...

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