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  • Make Them Suffer - Old Souls
  • Make Them Suffer

    Old Souls

    By Rahul Menon | 02 June, 2015

    Make Them Suffer are no longer confined to any boundaries...

    Make Them Suffer. The name in itself is actually pretty damn awesome. Thankfully, the band is just as awesome, if not more. What Make Them Suffer have created with their ...

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  • Carach Angren - This Is No Fairytale
  • Carach Angren

    This Is No Fairytale

    By Rahul Menon | 09 April, 2015

    This Is No Fairytale puts Carach Angren in a league of their own. 

    Carach Angren is back with their fourth album, aptly titled This Is No Fairytale. This symphonic horror metal band has crafted a majestic little ...

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  • Rise of Avernus - Dramatis Personae
  • Rise of Avernus

    Dramatis Personae

    By Rahul Menon | 13 March, 2015

    A captivating, inspiring, and rewarding journey

    Rise of Avernus are one of those bands that don't seem to have the ability to disappoint. Their debut, L'appel du vide, was phenomenal,and now they're back with a new EP...

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  • Aversions Crown - Tyrant
  • Aversions Crown


    By Rahul Menon | 13 January, 2015

    In case of an alien invasion, call Aversions Crown

    Brisbane extreme metallers Aversions Crown have released their second album, Tyrant, and oh my, what an album it is! From start to finish, the album takes you on an incred...

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