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  • For Ruin - Ater Angelus
  • For Ruin

    Ater Angelus

    By Colin McNamara | 30 September, 2013

    For Ruin still haven't 'ruined' their sound

    For Ruin is one of those relatively underground gems that no one has ever heard about, save for a relative few. Performing a style of blackened, melodic death metal they are definitely meant ...

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  • Sirenia - Perils of the Deep Blue
  • Sirenia

    Perils of the Deep Blue

    By Colin McNamara | 17 July, 2013

    Deep, blue, and metal

    The symphonic/gothic metal outlet known as Sirenia has always been one of the top contenders of the genre ever since their debut in 2002, and six albums later they are still proving their sound is as good as ever....

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  • Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods
  • Amon Amarth

    Deceiver of the Gods

    By Colin McNamara | 16 July, 2013

    The story of Loki (metal version) - a different tale

    Those who are familiar with the term Viking metal probably draw a bead on one particular name: Amon Amarth. Formed in 1992, they've traditionally taken the Norse lore and created alb...

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  • Kylesa - Ultraviolet
  • Kylesa


    By Colin McNamara | 26 June, 2013

    Ultraviolet is Kylesa at their best 'rock'

    'Ultraviolet' is the sixth full-length album from American sludge metal/post rock group, Kylesa, who are known for their mix of hypnotic guitar passages and rather doom-oriented sound that is ...

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