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  • Tombe - Longbarn
  • Tombe


    By Justin Donnelly | 03 February, 2015

    My introduction to Tombe comes via Black Trillium – a Sydney (N.S.W., Australia) based doom band whose two members (namely guitarist/percussionist/keyboardist Zach J. Carlsson and guitarist/autoharp player Simon Skipper) make up half of this...

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  • Segression - Painted in Blood
  • Segression

    Painted in Blood

    By Justin Donnelly | 02 February, 2015

    Original? No. The band's best yet? By a long shot

    I’ll be the first to admit that Wollongong (N.S.W., Australia) based outfit Segression have never really impressed me that much. Sure, there have been moments where I’ve...

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  • Mark Kelson - Resurgence
  • Mark Kelson


    By Justin Donnelly | 31 January, 2015

    The Eternal's front-man's long overdue triumphant solo effort

    Having spent his twenty year career in a various musical groups (most notably The Eternal, and to a lesser extent Cryptal Darkness, Alternative 4 and InSomnius Dei), voc...

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  • Order of Chaos - Deadweight Undertow
  • Order of Chaos

    Deadweight Undertow

    By Justin Donnelly | 22 October, 2014

    Another triumph for the Melbourne noisemakers

    Despite marking their return to the scene after a five year absence with their long overdue sophomore effort, Eyehate Swansongs, in late 2008, reactivated Melbourne (Victoria, ...

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