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  • Unrest - Grindcore
  • Unrest


    By Luke Saunders | 09 April, 2015

    Philly grinders pay homage to contemporary legends on debut platter

    Naming your album after a musical genre is a bold and perhaps even arrogant move. Then again, grindcore is about the most unpretentious and uncompromising form of ...

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  • Psycroptic - Psycroptic
  • Psycroptic


    By Luke Saunders | 24 March, 2015

    Veteran tech death pros deliver the goods again…

    Tasmania’s technical death metal stalwarts Psycroptic have done an excellent job building a lengthy career playing a style of metal that often finds bands guilty of styl...

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  • Enslaved - In Times
  • Enslaved

    In Times

    By Luke Saunders | 05 March, 2015

    Norwegian trailblazers keep the creative fires roaring

    From raw and barbaric beginnings in the icy battlefield on Viking metal epics Vikingligr Veldi and Frost, to brave deviations into progressive realms and stra...

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  • Sylosis - Dormant Heart
  • Sylosis

    Dormant Heart

    By Luke Saunders | 22 January, 2015

    UK thrashers hit their straps on inspired 4th opus

    A couple of years back I wrote a rather conflicted review about Monolith, the third album from British thrashers Sylosis. Basically the band’s frenetic blend of prog...

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