Reviews by Peter Zischke

  • Amon Amarth - Jomsviking
  • Amon Amarth


    By Peter Zischke | 25 March, 2016

    There are some bands which are synonymous with a particular genre of music.  In the case of what could be called “Viking Metal” - a combination of melodic death metal focussed largely on tales of Norse war, warriors and Gods - Swe...

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  • Ranger - Where Evil Dwells
  • Ranger

    Where Evil Dwells

    By Peter Zischke | 13 April, 2015

    Strap in and get ready for a full-on thrash/speed metal attack.

    Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Ranger has been on the scene since 2009, having released a number of demos and EP’s, including 2013’s relatively longer EP ...

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  • Ashes in Vein - Ashes in Vein
  • Ashes in Vein

    Ashes in Vein

    By Peter Zischke | 24 March, 2015

    Some decent moments, but generally lacking cohesion and direction

    Five-piece melodic metallers, Ashes in Vein, formed in 2008 and hail from Junction City, Kansas, USA. Through the lifetime of the band, there have been some periodic...

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  • Scott Ian - Swearing Words
  • Scott Ian

    Swearing Words

    By Peter Zischke | 06 December, 2014

    Just another night at the pub with a legend of heavy metal

    Scott Ian – the man needs no introduction. But I’m going to do it anyway…

    Scott will be known by even the most fleeting of metal fans as the New Y...

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  • Various - Metal Down Under
  • Various

    Metal Down Under

    By Peter Zischke | 14 October, 2014

    A must see for fans of the local heavy scene and those wanting to know more

    It’s said so often that it has almost become passé, but the Australian heavy music scene does not get a whole lot of exposure in Aus, let alone t...

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  • Anthrax - Chile on Hell
  • Anthrax

    Chile on Hell

    By Peter Zischke | 29 September, 2014

    An excellent live release from one of the best

    There’s not a lot that can be said about Anthrax that most fans won’t already know. Recent years have seen the reintroduction of vocalist Joey Belladonna, who is the band&rsqu...

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  • Shihad - FVEY
  • Shihad


    By Peter Zischke | 08 September, 2014

    It’s old-school Shihad. It’s damn good

    In the time-honoured tradition of Australia claiming New Zealand’s greatest imports, the Wellington-founded four-piece, Shihad, is now based in Melbourne. Having released their ...

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  • On Top - Top to Bottom
  • On Top

    Top to Bottom

    By Peter Zischke | 02 August, 2014

    Young guns On Top have produced a solid, fun EP which has me looking forward to the full album release

    Philadelphia trio, On Top, have followed up their debut album Top Heavy (2011) with the 2014 EP, Top to Bottom. Th...

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  • Dust Bolt - Awake the Riot
  • Dust Bolt

    Awake the Riot

    By Peter Zischke | 27 June, 2014

    Keeping the thrash dream alive, but some editing with “extreme prejudice” would help

    Formed in 2006, German thrash metallers Dust Bolt have returned with their second full-length release, Awake the Riot, which foll...

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  • Mach22 - Sweet Talk Intervention
  • Mach22

    Sweet Talk Intervention

    By Peter Zischke | 16 June, 2014

    There’s nothing really new here

    Mach22 have burst onto the heavy rock scene, with the Philadelphia five-piece’s major introduction to the world coming in the form of their win in the US-based “Onstage with Slash&rdquo...

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  • Aeon of Horus - Existence
  • Aeon of Horus


    By Peter Zischke | 28 April, 2014

    Existence is an intense blend of technical, death, and progressive metal, but damn, it works

    Local boys Aeon of Horus formed in Canberra, Australia and have, prior to 2014, released 2 EPs in 2007 and 2011 and a full length release in 2...

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  • Blues Pills - Live at Rockpalast
  • Blues Pills

    Live at Rockpalast

    By Peter Zischke | 27 March, 2014

    Take the blue pill for a breath of fresh air

    Having formed in late 2011 and releasing only 2 EPs, a demo, and a single to date, Blues Pills have probably flown under the radar of most up to this point. I’ll admit, until two month...

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  • Death Angel - The Dream Calls for Blood
  • Death Angel

    The Dream Calls for Blood

    By Peter Zischke | 29 November, 2013

    The Bay City veterans have unleashed a thrash metal beast this time around

    San Francisco thrash metal titan Death Angel has come a long way since forming as a group of teenagers in the early 1980s. The group has been through breakups, ...

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  • Testament - Dark Roots of Thrash
  • Testament

    Dark Roots of Thrash

    By Peter Zischke | 29 November, 2013

    Are you ready to Rise Up?!

    Testament is one of the sometimes unsung heroes or underdogs of the thrash metal genre. While the more observant acknowledge their contribution to the scene, they never received the widespread acceptance that...

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  • Newsted - Heavy Metal Music
  • Newsted

    Heavy Metal Music

    By Peter Zischke | 23 September, 2013

    Newkid is back in his latest incarnation and doesn’t disappoint

    Jason Newsted will live long in the hearts of most metal fans as the former bass player in metal powerhouse, Metallica, for 15 years until 2001. While many will stil...

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  • Airbourne - Black Dog Barking
  • Airbourne

    Black Dog Barking

    By Peter Zischke | 09 September, 2013

    When you’re onto a good thing, stick to it

    Australian rockers Airbourne formed in 2003 and worked the local scene for some time, releasing a self-funded EP in 2004. It was in 2007 with the release of their debut album, Runnin...

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  • Device - Device
  • Device


    By Peter Zischke | 14 August, 2013

    Different, but different isn’t always good….

    Most people recognise David Draiman as the front man for popular hard rock/metal band Disturbed, which carved out a decade-long career producing a percussive, beat-driven and rh...

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