Brisbane, AUS, 11 Oct 2008

By Jamie Cook

12 November 2008

Words by Jamie Cook and images by Damian Rohrlach

Back in November 1993 at a little venue known as Metropolis which was in the Brisbane Myer Centre, U.K Godfathers of Grind, Carcass, hosted what would become one of the last shows ever to be staged at that location. Calling it quits approximately two years later, metal fans around the world had to deal with the possibility of never witnessing live one of the most important and influential Death Metal bands ever. As years past, and the rumor mill ran ripe of possible Carcass reunions which ended up being denied by the band, it appeared all hopes had faded of the four piece reuniting and hitting the world touring circuit. Turn the clock forward to 2007; our prayers are answered, as word hit the street that Carcass was back and ready to take their medical-grade melodies on a world tour, next stop, Australia.

Carcass/Limb From Limb - The Arena, Brisbane, Australia, 11 October 2008

Calling themselves an Australian Death Metal Supergroup and consisting of members from Excruciate and Internecine Excoration, the over hyped Gore Grind band hit the stage to a fairly luke warm response from the Brisbane crowd. Not the best choice for a Carcass support in my opinion, as these lads are probably that bit too extreme for some ears. Never taking away the fact that these blokes are tight with their musical ability, it's the vocals that many struggle to deal with. Sounding like a cross between a piggery and the Ned Beatty riverbank scene from the film Deliverance, it all got one dimensional a tad too quick. Needless to say, the saving grace was that our friends from Carcass were up next, and right now it couldn't come quick enough.

The last time Carcass were on our shores they were minus guitarist Michael Amott, this time around he was back, but it was original drummer Ken Owen who was sidelined due to health issues, only to be replaced by Arch Enemy skins man Daniel Erlandsson. Launching into Impropagation and Buried Dreams, Brisbane's fifteen year Carcass drought was broken and the near capacity crowd which consisted mostly of the over thirty types were delighted the lads from Liverpool were finally here. For me, it was a step back in time to when I last saw these guys play one of the finest Death Metal shows ever to hit this city. Vocalist / bassist Jeff Walker hasn't lost his flame over the years, if anything, it's burning brighter, and his dry sense of humour between songs added more flavour to what was already shaping up to be a great night out. Amott's guitar playing is always impressive onstage and off, and compliments the blue's inspired chords from axeman Bill Steer. It must be said that not only was Erlandsson a worthy stand-in on the drum stool, but his bludgeoning blast beats were ablaze.

Carcass live in Brisbane, AustraliaCarcass live in Brisbane, AustraliaCarcass live in Brisbane, Australia

For Carcass fans that came to hear the early material from Reek of Putrefaction and Symphonies of Sickness would've gone home disappointed, as the set list was all about the Necroticism and Heartwork era of the band. Corporal Jigsore Quandary, Death Certificate, No Love Lost, Carnal Forge, Incarnated Solvent Abuse and Keep on Rotting in the Free World showcased the newer Carcass, whereas Genital Grinder, Exhume to Consume and Rotten to the Gore displayed the classic Carcass of old.

I guess the question on everyone's lips is where to from here for this band? Will this be the last time the world will see Carcass in the live sense, or will they keep plodding along? Only time will answer those questions, but I know one thing's for sure, what the Brisbane faithful witnessed tonight reeked of perfection. It's bloody great to have you back boys!

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