Sydney, AUS, 16 July 2005


24 July 2005

The Gaelic Club, Sydney, Australia, 16 July 2005

If you're a resident of Australia, you're usually only lucky enough to attend one all day metal festival a year. But this year, not only have we had the annual Metal for the Brain fest, we now have Gordofest. Organised by Gordo to celebrate his birthday, the Gaelic Club opened its doors to the general public and Gordo shared his celebrations - metal style. Robyn Anson headed along to check out Australia's newest all day metal festival.

Inane Eminence live at Goredofest 2005Having the early opening honours were bands such as Coma Lies, Transcending Mortality, Omerata, Aeturnus Dominion and Rather Be Dead. The Gaelic Club was more than toasty by the time this all ages event was ready for Inane Eminence. The last time my ears had the pleasure of Inane Eminence was in support of Dungeon. Whilst they impressed me a few months ago, their Goredofest performance was even more outstanding. It was a shot of fierce metal from Inane Eminence with a dash of Thrash and sprinkled with the all important ingredients of Black and Death to make this a slice of metal heaven from these Newcastle lads. They were tight, they were solid and they had obvious leanings towards Killswitch Engage and In Flames.

Bludgeoner live at Goredofest 2005Bludgeoner was one of the surprise additions to the Goredofest line up. In what can only be described as an onslaught of brutal death metal, there weren't many heads at the front of the stage in the vertical position. Bludgeoner frontman assumed the “Cannibal Corpse position” with a VB in one hand and the microphone in another. He pretty much kept to this assumed posed throughout the set. If you like your death in the traditional manner, Bludgeoner is the band to bring it to you. Dark shades of Carcass, Entombed and Napalm Death make up the Bludgeoner influence casket.

Switchblade live at Goredofest 2005And from Death Metal we move onto Bounce Metal with forty minutes from Sydneysiders Switchblade. Moving us from the more traditional metal leanings to metal of the here and now, Switchblade had all eyes front and centre for their sonic assault. It was hard not to appreciate what Switchblade was delivering. Even a pal standing next to me who is very much a metal traditionalist agreed that Switchblade was one of the better nu-metallers hanging around the metal scene. With a good dose of melodic guitar riffs, chunky vocals and some hard hitting rhythm beats, Switchblade should be at the forefront of this country's nu-metal landscape.

Flesh Mechanic live at Goredofest 2005There are only a couple of women who can truly deliver metal vocals without them being sugar coated - Michele Madden from Tourettes and Angel Gossow from Arch Enemy slotting into that category perfectly. But also a contender for the “Women with Metal Balls” category is Flesh Mechanic's vocalist. Pint sized but with a mighty set of growling lungs there was a quick apology of a hindering sore throat before lunging into the Mechanic set. This was nothing that an enthusiastic audience and a shot of strawberry milk to coat the tonsils couldn't fix. Whilst their stage show wasn't visually stimulating, their aural deliverance was superb. I enjoyed this band immensely. And with the risk of being branded sexist, that's a hard feat to achieve to interest these ears with a female metal vocalist. Influences of early Meshuggah were evident and their musicianship can be described with no other words but constricted and forceful.

So what's all the fuss surrounding Infernal Method? Something tells me I was about to find out. If you like your metal both death and melodic, you can stop right here at Infernal Method. They certainly had the crowd all fired up with some concrete guitar riffs which ripped up the PA. For a fleeting moment it was a wonder that they didn't shred the walls that encased the metal madness that was beginning to brew inside the venue. This would be a prodigious act to follow which had everything that a metal enthusiast could ever want from a live metal show. Infernal Method delivered double barrelled guitar riffs and vocals that growl from the depths of the metal bowels. But it wasn't just the usual “let's all scream and play some furious death metal”, their tunes had more thought and hook than that.

Daysend live at Goredofest 2005With Walk the Earth being a late cancellation, Daysend quickly filled the second spot shoes. What better way to blast back from their lengthy tour overseas? Whilst Goredofest was travelling along at a happy metal pace so far, Daysend was certainly the highlight of this mini fest. The last time Daysend were playing to an Aussie metal audience was Metal for the Brain. Yes, they put on an impressive show back then but was it possible that their live show could get any better? Everyone charge their glass with an almighty “hell yeah” to that sentiment.

Daysend live at Goredofest 2005Vocalist Simon Calabrese must sprinkle his cornflakes with rocks for breakfast. His tonsils had a life of its own and they bounced all the way from the front and centre of stage to the back of the room. Being in the front row of a Daysend show should come with an “enter at own risk” tag. Whilst it took the obligatory couple of songs to get the crowd in step with the Daysend set, by the fourth song, Countdown, it was exit stage right from the front row if you wanted to keep all body limbs in tact. I'd already drawn blood by the third song, so my cue to get out of the mosh was more than overdue.

With more hooks than a pro angler, it was evident that Daysend is the best metal band that Australia has to offer right now. Hell, I'll even go as far to say that Daysend is one of the best metal bands that Australia has EVER borne. Throwing in a cover of Only by Anthrax and ending with a crowd favourite from their “Severance” CD, Born is the Enemy, Daysend was the focal point of Gordo's festival.

The Amenta live at Goredofest 2005The Amenta live at Goredofest 2005And the moment we've all been waiting for - The Amenta. Most of the crowd today were here to witness The Amenta on stage. They've been visibly absent from the metal arena for sometime now. The Gaelic Club was jammed pack with punters and it was near impossible to secure a position at the front. These extreme metallers were dressed for the occasion. Branding their music somewhere between death and black on the metal richter scale, the anticipation of seeing this band live after a long hiatus overwhelmed the crowd at the Gaelic.

Whilst they were technically tight and musically inspiring, their sound was a bit on the disappointing side. This is not a reflection on The Amenta but more a criticism to the sound engineer. Capping off twelve hours of this metal smorgasboard, The Amenta managed to put a smile on the faces of many a punter. Good on ya Gordo. It's lucky that you have a birthday every year. Fingers crossed you'll bash out your next birthday in metal style.