Napalm Death/Dying Fetus

Brisbane, Aus, 3 Sep, 2010

By Jamie Cook

22 October 2010

Words by Jamie Cook and images by Simon Milburn

It’s been almost three years to the exact day since the Godfathers of Grind last played Brisbane, and for those who have no idea who I’m referring to, I’m talking about none other than the working class lads from Birmingham, Napalm Death, who this time around are showcasing their new release, Time Waits for No Slave for the Aussie fans. Joining them for the five date tour and their second tour of Down Under in less than two years is Maryland Deathsters, Dying Fetus.

Tonight was possibly the happiest day of the year for me, as I got to witness my beloved Green Machine, the Canberra Raiders demolish my most hated team, the Brisbane Broncos from Rugby League finals contention at Suncorp Stadium, but the downside of all this was that I missed some of Dying Fetus. Luckily for me, I did arrive at the venue in time to witness the second half of their set which in my opinion was close to perfection. The back and forth dual vocal attack from John Gallagher and Sean Beasley was relentless, as were the double bass kick blasts which vibrated like a jackhammer to the body. The sound was one the best I’d ever heard come from a venue which mostly generates a shitty mix more times than not, but the overall performance from this three piece was around fifty minutes of fierce, faultless fury.

Napalm Death live in Brisbane, Australia in 2010 Napalm Death live in Brisbane, Australia in 2010 Napalm Death live in Brisbane, Australia in 2010

Taking the stage with the intensity very few bands of the modern era can achieve, Napalm Death kicked off their Friday night path of destruction with Strong-Arm and without as much as taking a breath, continued into Unchallenged Hate and Suffer the Children. Tonight the boys from Birmingham had a mixed bag of goodies in the way of brutal musicianship, British banter and the Barney Greenway boogie which alone has amused me for about twenty years. The night wouldn’t be complete without Barney throwing in his two cents worth on the “mumbo jumbo” of religion and politics which received a rapturous response from all in attendance.


Napalm Death live in Brisbane, Australia in 2010

With an extensive catalogue of songs to choose from, the surprise of the night for me was the amount of early tracks that weaved their way into the set list – Scum, From Enslavement to Obliteration, Life?, You Suffer, Deceiver, Mass Appeal Madness and everyone’s favourite cover version of Dead Kennedy’s Nazi Punks Fuck Off. For those who like the more recent material, the band also included tunes such as Diktat, Smear Campaign, Life and Limb and Persona Non Grata.


Napalm Death live in Brisbane, Australia in 2010

As Napalm Death are renowned for not doing encores, Siege of Power concluded the performance, and even if their seventy minute onslaught did make me feel like I’d kissed the canvas on more than once occasion, for me, this evening was all about Grind and the colour green. A perfect night out!

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