Psycroptic/King Parrot

The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney, AUS, 02 Aug 2013

By Rahul Menon

09 August 2013

Words by Rahul Menon

The Bald Faced Stag is the home to some awesome local metal gigs and it’s become one of my favourite spots to hang out. The moment Psycroptic announced their tour I knew that I simply could not miss it, especially after knowing that King Parrot are touring with them. What a gig it was!

First up on stage were New Blood. They have a  raw death metal feel mixed with some deathcore elements floating around. They kind of reminded me of Job for a Cowboy. Really heavy, ripping drums, a psycho bass player, and guitarists who jam a tonne of riffs one after the other with some well timed pinches, well supported by some deep growls along the way. They were pretty energetic on stage and played a quick set. The last time I saw these guys was when they opened for the Thy Art is Murder + Cattle Decapitation tour. The sound wasn’t the best for these guys – they’re just too heavy. These guys are getting big and seem to have a good fan base. Keep an eye on them.

Next up were self described triumphant war metallers Bane of Isildur. These guys were really groovy and had some good melody in their songs. It was like a mix of elements of melodic death metal and black metal. The drummer was pretty damn good, relentlessly banging the kit, whilst their good riffs kind of reminded me of Amon Amarth. They covered themselves in black paint and were rocking out on stage. The bassist delivered some good backing vocals as he headbanged through the entire set. Their highlights were “… And the Earth Becomes Aflame” and “Chosen Path”. If heavy groove is your thing, these guys are worth checking out.

The best way to describe King Parrot would be to advise you to go and watch them live. When I saw them the first time on the Thy Art is Murder + Cattle Decapitation tour, they completely blew my mind. They have some face melting music and what makes them stand out is their energy and stage presence. Vocalist Matt Young is psychotic. Prior to getting on stage he was all calm, mingling with the crowd at the merch table but on stage he has a completely different personality. My words might be wrong, but later that night Jason from Psycroptic called him “a fucking lunatic”. The entire band is crazy but especially the bassist who engaged the crowd with some hilarious comments. There was also lots of pushing and shoving and spitting among the band members which made their stage presence hilarious. Musically, lots of energy, lots of pounding, incredibly tight, and vocals which pierce your ears. You simply have to watch them live and you will love them, even if the music is not exactly your thing. I highly recommend checking these guys out.

Soon on stage, the mighty Psycroptic. I’ve been a massive fan of them for years now, and now I’m finally getting the chance to watch them live. They completely blew me away! The quartet were energetic, groovy, and in your face the entire night. Starting off with the awesome “Carriers of the Plague”, their performance was simply awesome. David Haley was super tight despite some sound glitches during the track but he came back strong. He really is the back bone of the band and adds the punch to their music. On guitars is his brother Joe who was pretty flawless the entire night. The riffs were bang on like what you would hear on their albums and he just kept going on and on with so much energy. Bassist Cameron Grant was really enjoying himself on stage as well. You could see a general smile on his face while performing and head banging. Vocals are always tricky, especially when someone like me expects the live sound to be as close as possible to the studio sound. And holy shit Jason Peppiatt sounds EXACTLY like how he does on the albums. He really involved the crowd and his vocal delivery was so good. The band blasted out awesome tracks one after the other – Euphorinasia, Observant, Initiate – all of them played to perfection. When a bra was thrown on stage, Jason commented “We’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, but this is the first bra we’ve got on stage!” We were also treated to a fantastic new song. It was blazingly fast, super heavy, and featured some epic moments. They ended their set with “The Sleepers Have Awoken” which was followed by a “one more song” chant.  The quartet blasted out the crowd favourite “The Colour of Sleep” and brought a fantastic night to a close.

It was a jam packed Stag, and yet another awesome night. The enthusiastic crowd received good music from crazy bands. Definitely check these bands out and support them as much as you can – they totally deserve it.

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