Napalm Death

New Album Update

By TMF News Bot

22 June 2006

The British inventors of grindcore NAPALM DEATH are recording a new album entitled Smear Campaign as the follow-up to last year's highly acclaimed The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code.

Vocalist Barney Greenway comments on the working process:

"After working our arses off on new stuff for the last couple of months, we kind of slipped into the studio when no one was looking. This thing is already sounding totally immense - even better than “Code...”, from where I'm standing. It's fast and furious, as you'd expect, but we're also throwing a few curveballs in, in true NAPALM DEATH tradition. Can't wait for everyone to hear it. Take it easy peeps."

The band are currently recording at Foel Studios in Wales, England, where they also recorded their last album, and aim for a September release via Century Media Records.

After touring the US with Kreator and Suffocation, NAPALM DEATH are about to hit European shores again. If you're lucky you might catch a glimpse on the new material at the band's European festival appearances throughout this summer, when they probably play some new songs live and in the NAPALM DEATH's typical onstage fury and intensity. So, check out the dates below and look forward to more touring activity during fall this year!

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