Sebastian Bach

The Palace, Melbourne, AUS, 15 Sep 2006

By Steve Glaveski

02 October 2006

Hard rock fans outside of Melbourne and Sydney were disappointed by former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach's recent Australian Tour only taking in the aforementioned capital cities. Well, for those who couldn't make it, The Metal Forge reader Steve Glaveski has sent in a full wrap up of Bach's recent gig in Melbourne. Enjoy!

Sebastian Bach - The Palace, Melbourne, Australia, 15 September 2006

Words by Steve Glaveski

FOREVER WILD are the words that former Skid Row frontman and VH1 Supergroup star Sebastian Bach lives by these days (as opposed to youth gone wild) and it showed as one of the most talented vocalists in rock delivered a powerful and energetic performance, complete with relentless mic swinging and furious headbanging, on Friday night at The Palace.

Overlooking a sea of both old school and new school rockers, the customary feeling of anticipation was about to climax just as Baz's tall, long blonde haired figure emerged joined by his highly acclaimed band mates. Bach's stellar lineup which includes Metal Mike Chlasciak (Testament, Halford), Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Iced Earth) and hard-hitting Bobby Jazorbek (Halford) ensured that the Skids classics were played to perfection with an even heavier edge.

The band opened the set with the aggressive and forever relevant Skid Row classic Slave To The Grind, received by a wave of devil horns and fist pumping by the starving crowd who had been waiting 3 hours for Bach to hit the stage since doors opened at 8:30. The song taken off 1991's album of the same name, an album that will forever be remembered as the first heavy metal record to debut at number one on the US Charts, and Bach made no bones about reminding the 2,000 strong crowd in attendance why.

The punters were taken 'Bach in time' as the band treated them to Skid Row classics including 1989's Piece Of Me and the ever-suggestive Big Guns off Skid Row's debut album.

The coast was now clear to play some new material as Bach sprinkled a few tracks from his forthcoming solo album Angel Down, out this month via RIOT Distribution, throughout the set. The songs were received well by a crowd who had come to hear Skid Row and sounded very Slave-esque, albeit with modern influences creeping in.

“It's been thirteen years Melbourne”, lamented Bach about his last performance in the city in 1993 when Skid Row opened for Guns 'n' Roses at Calder Park. “There were 100,000 of you motherfuckers at Calder Park and only 2,000 tonight but you guys sound like 100,000”, typical of the charming and charismatic singer.

Baz then introduced crowd favourites such as 18 And Life, Monkey Business, The Threat and 1988's power ballad that put Skid Row on the map, I Remember You. There was no doubt that the crowd remember Bach and after the performance he delivered will not quickly forget him either.

Sebastian joked that he would walk off stage and yelled jubilantly “see ya in 10 years”, before a chant of “Bach” prompted the singer to run back to the front of the stage and enthusiastically introduce the Skid Row anthem Youth Gone Wild. Irrespective of age, the crowd sung out loud in unison.

Melbourne, Australia's capital of rock music was praised as such by Bach, so it was that the crowd were somewhat bemused and disappointed by the lack of encore. However, Sebastian having announced that he will be back with Axl's new incarnation of Guns 'n' Roses in the summer perhaps did a lot to divert attention from the abrupt end to the show as the Palace was buzzing with news of the tour, one that definitely touches a nostalgic nerve.

An official announcement is yet to be made, however on the strength of Bach's performance and of Guns 'n' Roses' European concert reviews, it should prove to be one hell of a tour!

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