Fuck the Facts

This One Goes To 11 ... Part 9

By Simon Milburn

28 January 2007

Words by Simon Milburn

In the ninth installment of several brief interviews with various Relapse Records artists, I caught up with Fuck The Facts guitarist Topon Das for a very quick chat. Again although I'm not a fan of direct question and answer formatted interviews, in this case given that the interviews are short, succinct and fairly general over all, this format suits.

Fuck The Facts

1. How did you get involved in music?

"My older brother used to play in punk bands and later on death metal/grindcore bands. He gave me his bass guitar when I was 15 and that's what started me playing. I used to jam with my best friend and his dad, and we'd play Christian rock at his church sometimes. A couple of years later I started playing in metal bands. Around then I also got a 4-track and drum machine, so I would spend hours in my bedroom just recording."

2. How did you become a part of your current band?

"In the late 90's I started Fuck The Facts just as a recording project to create the kind of music I wasn't able to do in my bands at the time. In 2001 I turned it into a full band with the help of some friends."

Fuck The Facts' Stigmata High-Five3. How would you describe your latest album?

"Long over due proper full length. It the album we've wanted to put out for a long time, but the entire obstacle of keeping a band together just kept getting it pushed to the back burner. We're really happy with the way it turned out, and we're really excited to do the next one."

4. What has been the highlight of your career to date?

"The last tour of Canada we did in November was awesome. We never expected such a response and for things to go so well. Getting Stigmata High-Five out there was a huge goal accomplished and signing with Relapse was kind of like a childhood dream come true."

5. Who would you like to tour with at some point and why?

"Brutal Truth would be a big one, that band has been a huge influence on FTF in every respect and basically the band that got me into grind. A tour with Cephalic Carnage would also be awesome."

6. What bands/artists are you a fan of?

"There's so much, and I'm also always trying to discover new bands that will get the excitement and creative juices flowing in my head. But a few of the big ones would be Brutal Truth, Mr. Bungle, Pile Driver (Norway), Vancouver, Mars Volta, Cephalic Cranage, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Secret Chiefs and there's tons more I can't remember right now."

Fuck The Facts7. What are your top 3 albums of all time?

"Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante
Brutal Truth - Need To Control
Pile Driver - Heavy Electricity"

8. Which bands/artists/musicians were a big influence on you and why?

"I always thought James Plotkin was underrated. I really love Old Lady Drivers. Trey Sprunce from Mr. Bungle/Secret Chiefs is a fucking genius as well."

9. What do you like to do in your down time away from your band?

"Mainly just relax and do fuck all that matters, like watch movies/TV, go for drinks, sleep all day, etc... My time away from any band responsibilities is very limited, so when I do get a break, it's time to forget about everything."

10. If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?

"If I couldn't play music I would probably be doing some sort of visual art. I love to create and there's no better feeling then completing a project you feel proud of."

11. What are your thoughts on the state of metal today?

"It's fucking confusing, we've got a gazillion bands and a gazillion sub-genres, but luckily the scene is quite big and kids are totally into discovering new bands. We'll see what the future holds for metal in general, but right now we're focused on what we're doing and we're excited about what's gonna be down the road."

Fuck The Facts' latest album, Stigmata High-Five, is out now on Relapse Records through Riot! Distribution. For more information on Fuck The Facts, check out www.fuckthefacts.com.