Artists Beginning With "C"

C R O W N Claim the Throne
C-T Prevail Clawfinger
C.B. Murdoc Cleansing, The
Caesars Rome Cliteater
Cage Closed Casket
Caliban Closer
Caliber 666 Clutch
California Breed Coal Chamber
Caligula's Horse Coalesce
Call of the Void Cockfight Shootout
Callejon Coffins
Callenish Circle Coffinworm
Calling Zion Cog
Callisto Coheed and Cambria
Cancer Coitus Bünd
Cancer Bats Cold Ground
Candiria Cold Night for Alligators
Candlemass Cold World
Candy Harlots Coldseed
Cannae Coldworker
Cannibal Corpse Coliseum
Cape Tribulation Coltsblood
Capharnaum Combichrist
Capricorns Comeback Kid
Caprycon Commit Suicide
Captain Cleanoff Common Dead
Car Bomb Common Grave
Carach Angren Communic
Carcass Como Muertos
Cardiac Arrest Conan
Careless Conflicted
Carinou Confront Hate
Carly Simon Conspiracy
Carnal Forge Construcdead
Carnifex Contortionist, The
Carnival in Coal Contrive
Carpathian Converge
Caspian Convulse
Casting Out, The Coroner
Cataract Corporation 187
Cathedral Corpsessed
Catheter Corpsickle
Cattle Decapitation Corpus Christi
Cauldron Corral
Cauldron Black Ram Corrections House
Cavalera Conspiracy Corrosion
Celeste Corrosion of Conformity
Celestial Decay Corrupt Moral Altar
Celestiial Cough
Celesty County Medical Examiners, The
Cell Cradle of Filth
Cellador Cradle to Grave
Celtachor Crash Romeo
Celtic Frost Crash the System
Cemetery of Scream Crawling Quiet
Cemetery Urn Creech
Centaurus-A Creed
Century Crematorium
Cephalic Carnage Crematory
Cerebral Turbulency Crescent Shield
Ceremony Cretin
Châlice Crevices Below, The
Chain Collector Crime in Stereo
Chained and Desperate Criminal
Channel Zero Crimson Cult
Chaos Divine Crimson Falls
Chaos Theory Crimsonfire
Chaosfear Crionics
Chaossworn Crisis Therapy, The
Charge, The Crobot
Chariot, The Cronian
Charred Walls of the Damned Cross the Lips of Grace
Chasm, The Crossfaith
Cheap Trick Crosson
Chelsea Smiles, The Crosswind
Chelsea Wolfe Crotchduster
Chemistry Room Crown the Lost
Cherri Bomb Crown, The
Chick Flick Crowpath
Chickenfoot Cruachan
Children of Bodom Crucified
Children of Doom Crucified Barbara
Chimaira Cruciform
Chiodos Cruel Hand
Choke Cry Murder
Chris Caffery Cryonic Temple
Chris Cornell Crypt
Chris Jericho Crypt Sermon
Christian Mistress Cryptborn
Chrome Division Cryptic Abyss
Chrome Hoof Cryptic Wintermoon
Chronicles of Israfel, The Cryptopsy
Cinderella Crysis
Circle II Circle Crystal Ball
Circle of Dead Children Cult of Luna
Circle of Silence Cult, The
Circles Cuntscrape
Cirrha Niva Curl Up and Die
City of Fire Cursed, The
Cky Cuthero
Clagg Cynic