Artists Beginning With "O"

O.S.I. Onslaught
Oath to Vanquish Open Hand
Obituary Operation Downfall
Obliteration Opeth
Obscenity Ophiolatry
Obscura Ophis
Obscure Opia
Obsequiae Opitz
Obsidian Aspect Opprobrium
Ocean Grove Oracle of the Void
Ocean, The Orange Goblin
Oceano Orangeburg Massacre, The
Oceans of Slumber Orchid Ablaze
Oceansize Orchid's Curse
Octavia Sperati Ordeal
October File Orden Ogan
October Tide Order of Chaos
Of Mice and Men Order of Ennead
Of the Archaengel Order of Izaz
Ogre Order of Voices
Ohgr Order, The
Ohhms Origin
Old Orodruin
Old Corpse Road Orphaned Land
Old Man's Child Orpheus Omega
Old Silver Key OSI
Old Wainds Oslo Ess
Om Ostura
Omega Crom Otargos
Omen, The Otep
Omision Our Last Enemy
Omnium Gatherum Our Last Night
On Broken Wings Ouroboros
On the Edge of the Netherrealm Outbreak
On the Last Day Outcast
On Top Overcast
One Man Army and the Undead Quartet Overkill
One Step Beyond Overtures
One Without Owl
One-Way Mirror Ozzy Osbourne