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  • Megadeth - Dystopia
  • Megadeth


    By Simon Milburn | 11 February, 2016

    It’s funny that Megadeth are still one of those bands that I get excited about when I know there is a new release on the horizon.  The rest of the big four as well as any of the other significant others of that ilk bring the same. You k...

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  • Wildernessking - Mystical Future
  • Wildernessking

    Mystical Future

    By Michael O'Brien | 11 February, 2016

    If you’re anything like I recently was and are unfamiliar with Cape Town, South Africa’s Wildernessking, I can save you some time right up front by asking you the following question: do you like atmospheric or, dare I say it, Cascadian...

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  • Fall - The Insatiable Weakness
  • Fall

    The Insatiable Weakness

    By Rod Whitfield | 10 February, 2016

    I hadn’t heard of this Texan outfit before this album came up on the album review list, but I thought I’d give them a crack anyway. They managed to attain the services of none other than Dirk Verbeuren on the drum stool for this record...

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  • Voivod - Post Society
  • Voivod

    Post Society

    By Simon Milburn | 10 February, 2016

    It’s almost surreal to contemplate that Canada’s Voivod have been going at it - in various forms of course - for well over thirty years. They are one of the few acts not only with that kind of longevity but also who have really managed...

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  • Lost Society - Braindead
  • Lost Society


    By Simon Milburn | 09 February, 2016

    When fellow TMF reviewer Simon Crawley covered Lost Society’s 2014 effort, Terror Hungry, I must admit I was a little late to the party. By the time I read his review and checked out the album enough for it to sink in, I was somewha...

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  • Ektomorf - Aggressor
  • Ektomorf


    By Simon Milburn | 09 February, 2016

    Ahhh Ektomorf, I know what you’re all about. If you’re not familiar with this Hungarian quartet, they are not just influenced by Roots-era Sepultura and early Soulfly, they live and breathe it. There’s more than a few ti...

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  • Textures - Phenotype
  • Textures


    By Chris Gibbs | 08 February, 2016

    What comes to mind when you think of The Netherlands? Amsterdam, weed, Heineken, windmills, God Dethroned, Gorefest, canals, and don’t get me started on the bicycles! But, I’ll be damned if I’d ever heard of Textures until a few ...

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  • Rotting Christ - Rituals
  • Rotting Christ


    By Michael O'Brien | 05 February, 2016

    You really have to hand it to Rotting Christ. Over the course of nearly 30 years and now 12 full-length releases, I can’t think of a single album that hasn’t at the very least been decent, but can definitely think of many that have bee...

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  • Fleshgod Apocalypse - King
  • Fleshgod Apocalypse


    By Rod Whitfield | 03 February, 2016

    This is the album I’ve been waiting for from these Italian maestros. As a massive sucker for bands that combine heavy guitars and pounding drums with bombastic orchestral stylings, I love bands like Nightwish, Epica, Death Cult Armageddo...

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  • Lumberjack Feedback, The - Blackened Visions
  • Lumberjack Feedback, The

    Blackened Visions

    By Simon Crawley | 01 February, 2016

    Entirely instrumental albums are always somewhat of a grey area in terms of overall appreciation and enjoyment. The absence of vocals accommodates that extra element of risk of not capturing the listener’s attention. The instruments are left...

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  • Conan - Revengeance
  • Conan


    By Michael O'Brien | 29 January, 2016

    From the rough and raw doom of their 2010 EP, Horseback Battle Hammer, through to the more refined but no less crushing doom of their second full-length album, 2014’s Blood Eagle, The UK’s Conan has been responsible f...

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  • Witchcraft - Nucleus
  • Witchcraft


    By Chris Gibbs | 25 January, 2016

    This is my first exposure to Sweden’s Witchcraft, whom have just released their fifth record and second for Nuclear Blast, entitled Nucleus.

    Opener “Malstroem” is very misleading with its heavy, compounding, and q...

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  • Abbath - Abbath
  • Abbath


    By Michael O'Brien | 20 January, 2016

    At the risk of sounding like a grouchy, jaded contrarian, I have to say that I didn’t come into Abbath’s debut album feeling overly excited about it. I was curious, sure, but excited? No.


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  • Venomous Concept - Kick Me Silly VC III
  • Venomous Concept

    Kick Me Silly VC III

    By Simon Crawley | 19 January, 2016

    Heavy metal in 2016 gets off to a blistering start and the evidence is right here in the third full-length studio album from ‘super group’ Venomous Concept. The band’s brand of ear-searing grind punk is that bucket of icy water t...

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  • Aborted - Termination Redux
  • Aborted

    Termination Redux

    By Chris Gibbs | 18 January, 2016

    What does a new Aborted EP often signal? A new Aborted record is on the horizon. Opening this five track EP is “Liberate Me Ex Inferis”, a 30 second introduction that essentially borrows some dialogue from the deep space horror flick E...

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  • Horrendous - Anareta
  • Horrendous


    By Simon Crawley | 23 November, 2015

    A year has passed since Philadelphia’s Horrendous released their sophomore album and follow-up to the highly acclaimed The Chills. As we reach the end of 2015, while some look to dusting off the Christmas decorations, others might l...

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  • Otargos - Xeno Kaos
  • Otargos

    Xeno Kaos

    By Michael O'Brien | 11 November, 2015

    What initially drew me to France's Otargos when I reviewed their fourth full-length album, No God, No Satan, a number of years back was the band's mixture of black metal with light hints of industrial influence. While I’d be lying i...

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  • W.A.S.P. - Golgotha
  • W.A.S.P.


    By Brittany Hodge | 02 November, 2015

    After their longest ever gap in between albums, shock rock icons W.A.S.P. have released their 15th studio album, Golgotha. This long awaited follow-up to 2009's Babylon is named for what is commonly referred to as ...

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  • Novelists - Souvenirs
  • Novelists


    By Rod Whitfield | 30 October, 2015

    Novelists are yet another French heavy band adding further illustrious aura to that country’s bountiful scene. I’m not sure what they’re putting in the water over there, but it must be full of ‘heavy metals’, ‘c...

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  • Devil You Know - They Bleed Red
  • Devil You Know

    They Bleed Red

    By Chris Gibbs | 29 October, 2015

    Devil You Know has wasted no time in following up their impressive 2014 debut, The Beauty of Destruction - within only a year and a half they are about to deliver their sophomore effort, They Bleed Red. They might as well keep th...

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  • Gods of Eden - From the End of Heaven
  • Gods of Eden

    From the End of Heaven

    By Rod Whitfield | 23 October, 2015

    This Sydney based tech/progressive metal five-piece have massive ambitions for their sound, and this is fantastic. It’s great when bands choose not to operate within the restricting confines of regular, garden variety metal formats. Thinking...

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  • Metal Allegiance - Metal Allegiance
  • Metal Allegiance

    Metal Allegiance

    By Chris Gibbs | 20 October, 2015

    The Metal Masters live shows began a few years ago, consisting primarily of classic metal covers performed by a revolving but well respected ensemble of who’s who of metal musicians, past and present. This surely acted as the catalyst for fo...

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  • Snail - Feral
  • Snail


    By Simon Milburn | 19 October, 2015

    For all of the underrated bands that have come and gone over the years - and no doubt that number is larger than many suspect - there’s always the odd stalwart that disappears from the scene for whatever reason before making a comeback. Some...

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  • Caligula's Horse - Bloom
  • Caligula's Horse


    By Rod Whitfield | 16 October, 2015

    The term ‘next big thing’ gets bandied around a lot by journos, publicists, and assorted others, and almost as often it turns out to be simply hype. This is one of those rare occasions when it is absolutely justified.


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  • Ritual Killer - Exterminance
  • Ritual Killer


    By Simon Crawley | 16 October, 2015

    If you enjoy your black ‘n roll and possess a real evil streak, then you’re likely to get solidly behind the second full-length from Ritual Killer. Sammy Duet (Goatwhore, ex-Acid Bath and ex-Crowbar) brings all his limb-shredding, buzz...

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  • Harlott - Proliferation
  • Harlott


    By Simon Milburn | 15 October, 2015

    For the uninitiated, a band with the name of Harlott suggests that they should be playing the classy clubs of the L.A. glam scene of the ‘80’s. You’d expect them to pop up as regulars at the Roxy and the Troubadour alongside Motl...

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  • Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six
  • Five Finger Death Punch

    Got Your Six

    By Simon Milburn | 14 October, 2015

    I kind of like to think that I get to listen to a lot of varied styles of metal doing what I do here. To a point, I think that’s true. As an example, I get to listen to thrash, death, black, sludge, stoner, grind, traditional, et cetera and ...

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