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  • Between the Buried and Me - Coma Ecliptic
  • Between the Buried and Me

    Coma Ecliptic

    By Rod Whitfield | 13 July, 2015

    This is this band’s seventh studio album, and boy are they maturing and expanding beyond the avant-garde and tech metal beast that they were to the purveyors of grandiose, expansive pieces of work that we hear here. I’m almost loathe t...

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  • Armored Saint - Win Hands Down
  • Armored Saint

    Win Hands Down

    By Brittany Hodge | 11 July, 2015

    Despite being together since 1982, Armored Saint does not have the most expansive discography in metal. With members' equally notable projects, such as John Bush's tenure with Anthrax and Joey Vera having been in Fates Warning since 2000, when do ...

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  • Gristnam - Even Less
  • Gristnam

    Even Less

    By Simon Crawley | 05 July, 2015

    Forged in Covington, Louisiana in 2012 in the molten, sludge metal mass left behind by haarp and Omean; Gristnam lash out this year with their debut full length effort titled Even Less. Brothers Greg Bourgeois (guitar) and Steve Bourgeois...

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  • Author & Punisher - Melk en Honing
  • Author & Punisher

    Melk en Honing

    By Michael O'Brien | 05 July, 2015

    As jaded and crabby as it probably makes me sound, I just don’t see a lot of true innovation going on in music’s heavier and darker realms these days and, if I’m being honest, I probably haven't for a long time. Oh, sure, th...

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  • Vintage Caravan, The - Arrival
  • Vintage Caravan, The


    By Chris Gibbs | 02 July, 2015

    And they say rock and roll is dead…?

    Nuclear Blast has always had an impressive roster, but in the last couple of years they have become the home of the who’s who of all things heavy. Amongst all the death, thrash and ...

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  • Thy Art is Murder - Holy War
  • Thy Art is Murder

    Holy War

    By Michael O'Brien | 29 June, 2015

    Holy bore

    It’s no great secret that deathcore has been on the receiving end of an awful lot of flak over the years. I can’t say that I have any particular animosity towards it in principle, but I do understand why it is...

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  • Valkyrie - Shadows
  • Valkyrie


    By Chris Gibbs | 28 June, 2015

    The Sword and Iron Maiden’s bastard children of the damned

    Ever since I first laid eyes on the absolutely gorgeous artwork of the new Valkyrie record, Shadows, I’ve been champing at the bit to get my ears wrapp...

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  • Secrets of the Sky - Pathway
  • Secrets of the Sky


    By Chris Gibbs | 25 June, 2015

    An extremely rewarding and rare find in a new and exciting band

    After 26 years of listening to metal, I feel that long gone are the days of regularly being blown away every time you discover a new and exciting band, because new and...

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  • Daemon Pyre - Daemon Pyre
  • Daemon Pyre

    Daemon Pyre

    By Acky Munro | 17 June, 2015

    Death Metallers from Sydney get a fresh start as Daemon Pyre

    Daemon Pyre are a death metal band based in Sydney. Beginning life under the name As Silence Breaks nine years ago, releasing two successful albums as well as touring wit...

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  • Exhumed - Gore Metal: A Necrospective
  • Exhumed

    Gore Metal: A Necrospective

    By Acky Munro | 16 June, 2015

    Death Metal super stars Exhumed revisit and rerecord their debut masterpiece with Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998-2015

    This maybe one of those things that, even if I live until I’m a thousand years old, I will never understa...

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  • Lord Dying - Poisoned Altars
  • Lord Dying

    Poisoned Altars

    By Acky Munro | 09 June, 2015

    Sludge Metal act Lord Dying are back with an impossibly heavy second album.

    Lord Dying are a four piece sludge metal band hailing from Portland, Oregon (U.S.A.). Formed in 2010 and releasing their debut album Summon t...

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  • Shape of Despair - Monotony Fields
  • Shape of Despair

    Monotony Fields

    By Michael O'Brien | 05 June, 2015

    The wait was long, but it was worth it

    It’s been a long time between drinks for Finland’s Shape of Despair. After releasing two great albums and one OK one between 2000 and 2004, the band has largely been quiet, save fo...

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  • Paradise Lost - The Plague Within
  • Paradise Lost

    The Plague Within

    By Michael O'Brien | 03 June, 2015

    Paying lip service to the past

    As much as I’ve always wanted to be into everything that long-running doomsters, Paradise Lost, do, the truth is that my enjoyment of their albums is more an exception to rather than representat...

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  • Make Them Suffer - Old Souls
  • Make Them Suffer

    Old Souls

    By Rahul Menon | 02 June, 2015

    Make Them Suffer are no longer confined to any boundaries...

    Make Them Suffer. The name in itself is actually pretty damn awesome. Thankfully, the band is just as awesome, if not more. What Make Them Suffer have created with their ...

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  • Helloween - My God-Given Right
  • Helloween

    My God-Given Right

    By Brittany Hodge | 02 June, 2015

    Milestones abound for German power metal pioneers

    Helloween is gearing up to release their 15th studio album, My God-Given Right, but that is not the only thing the band is celebrating. This year will also be the 30t...

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  • Six Feet Under - Crypt of the Devil
  • Six Feet Under

    Crypt of the Devil

    By Chris Gibbs | 28 May, 2015

    From Undead and Unborn to unsatisfactory

    I never really clicked with Six Feet Under, the once side project turned fulltime band following Chris Barnes’ departure from the almighty Cannibal Corpse in 1995. I made a few attempt...

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  • Faith No More - Sol Invictus
  • Faith No More

    Sol Invictus

    By Simon Milburn | 25 May, 2015

    Keeping the Faith!

    Faith No More are one of those bands that, to me, any kind of reformation would have to be done right in every conceivable way. It’s a classic case of the planets aligning for it to be everything everyone i...

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  • King Parrot - Dead Set
  • King Parrot

    Dead Set

    By Chris Gibbs | 21 May, 2015

    Face. Ripped. Off.

    Australia’s very own thrash/grind maniacs King Parrot are back with their sophomore effort, Dead Set. Preceding the release of the highly anticipated follow up to their 2012 debut Bite Your Hea...

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  • Sumac - The Deal
  • Sumac

    The Deal

    By Chris Gibbs | 21 May, 2015

    This is not Isis, but damn is it heavy

    Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom/Mamiffer/ex-Isis) is the man, he is back, and he is heavy, angry, and loud with his new band Sumac. Joining the great vocalist/guitarist/songwriter is Nick Yacyshyn...

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  • Valborg - Romantik
  • Valborg


    By Michael O'Brien | 20 May, 2015

    Romancing the darkness

    Despite the fact that German’s Valborg has been quite prolific since releasing their debut album in 2009 and that I’ve seen their name mentioned numerous times over those years, I'd not managed to...

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