Litter to Glitter

  • 言情 喜剧
  • 王彦霖 程小蒙 熊梓淇 厉嘉琪 张亦驰 龙政璇
  • 共30集  |  每集 45分钟
  • This drama is about three college roommates with m… This drama is about three college roommates with movie dreams, Fang Tianyi, Hu Yanzu, and Yuan Zhijie who opened an inn next to the movie studio, saving up money while also working for different movie crews. But whether it's running the inn or realizing movie dreams, they were constantly running into obstacles. At the same time, Fang Tianzi, Ye Xiaoxi, and Lin Anqi, who were staying at the inn, were also working for their dreams. Fang Tianyi got closer to single-mom Ye Xiaoxi, and long-time friends Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu also became lovers... They matured through the challenges, supporting each other and finally turning things around. They decide to keep pursuing their dreams, never giving up.



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