Out of Court

  • 悬疑
  • 罗晋 焦俊艳 夏雨 李光洁 李宗翰 高叶 霍青 程怡
  • 共20集  |  每集 45分钟
  • The series "Out of Court" is divided int… The series "Out of Court" is divided into two chapters "Blind Spot" and "Drowning Man". In the first unit "Out of Court · Blind Spot", the story takes place within 16 hours. Judge Lu Nan was on a business trip to Nanjin to report to the president and was asked to take part in a murder case that happened nine years ago. This case is inextricably linked with the gang smuggling case. In order to find out the truth, Lu Nan joined forces with Qiao Shaoting (Luo Jin) in Tianjin Port, and finally solved the real mystery with their "extreme operations". And Qiao Shaoting also accidentally got an important clue about the murder case that he followed up in "Out of Court·Drowning Man". The second unit, "Out of Court·Drowning Man" tells the story of Qiao Shaoting, a gold lawyer who encountered many difficulties when he was in charge of a murder case. Despite being framed as a criminal suspect, he is still obsessed with investigating the truth of the case. At the same time, Xiao Zhen, an excellent young lawyer, partnered with him to follow up on the death penalty review of the case. In addition, the case also affected the secret disputes between Jinfu and Dezhi law firms in Jingang City.



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